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4 Key Benefits of Incorporating a Mobile Strategy




Did you know that 79% of smartphone users are without their phone for only three hours of the day? A mobile workforce is an integral part of a modern business, but small and medium businesses (SMBs) often don’t have the resources to deploy and manage a wide range of devices. So what’s the best approach?

More and more people are engaging with their smartphone constantly throughout the day because it’s convenient, personal and you can do it anywhere and everywhere. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers and also transform customer perceptions of their brand. Whether you are looking to optimize the customer experience interactions, increase sales or strengthen relationships, as a SMB, you need to start thinking differently about your mobile strategy.

Based on input we’ve received from our customers across Atlantic Canada, we’ve identified these four key benefits of incorporating a mobile strategy that meets important challenges faced by SMBs today:

  1. Superior customer service for their customers: Staying connected with your well-informed customers and providing them with accurate customer and product data, where and when they need it is more important than ever.
  2. Faster movement of information: By reducing the time spent on filing, accessing and retrieving paper documents, employees can repurpose their time to work on more critical tasks.
  3. Getting paid faster: It can be frustrating when your clients drag their feet paying you. Many of today’s mobile solutions can keep your business ahead of the competition by allowing you to get paid faster by accepting electronic payments while onsite, and spend less time reconciling payments.
  4. Significantly increased employee productivity and satisfaction: Sales representatives spend a lot of their time on a variety of non-customer facing activities. Mobile devices provide your team with access to customer and product information whether they’re in the office or the road. With a complete 360 degree view of customer data, you and your employees can get instant answers to common customer inquiries – allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Now that you understand that your employees can have unlimited, anytime, anywhere access to your company’s data, it’s important to take a fresh look at your sales and customer service processes. Does your company embrace mobile at all levels? Have you established a mobile culture, or is mobility limited to your sales team? If you want to discuss what steps are needed to take your SMB to that next level by incorporating a mobile strategy, contact us today.

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