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Embrace the Future with Mobile Cloud Computing Applications – Your Field Employees Will Thank You For It.


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Continuing the discussion on Gartner’s technology trends for 2014, mobile devices and cloud technologies are rapidly pushing desktops off of their perch as the go-to computing device. According to information gathered from Gartner’s latest research, by 2016 one in four employees will be mobile workers. Shifting the computing burden into the cloud means that the mobile device has all the capabilities formally limited to workstations. Instead of investing in new desktops and servers, businesses are investing in cloud services running on mobile apps causing BYOD policies become the norm.

Most small to midsized businesses are seeking ways to enhance their existing ERP and CRM applications and make their data more accessible to their mobile employees. The two most effective approaches to maximizing your ERP and CRM investment are to add mobile apps and cloud technologies to the mix. These powerful additions will allow you and your employees to easily connect and manage data wherever you are, enabling you to have the information you need to make fast business decisions on the road, and not necessarily behind a desk. By extending your data to the mobile cloud, remote workers gain immediate access to the most critical information right at their fingertips. Some of the benefits our customers discovered since implementing mobile apps and cloud technologies in their operations are:

  • Dramatic cost and operational efficiencies
  • Higher close rate on deals due to fast response times and accurate inventory information
  • Expanded real-time collaboration with stakeholders
  • Faster and more personalized customer service

Recognizing these current trends and seeing opportunities that the cloud and mobility open up for small to midsized businesses – Sage recently released new mobile technologies for their Sage ERP and Sage CRM solutions. Sage believes that the key to any company’s mobile strategy is to create applications that are native to each type of mobile platform.  This way the apps are intuitive and can take advantage of the unique features of each platform. For the customer, what this means is having the ability to liberate data and business processes that typically were locked in ERP and CRM solutions, bringing them to the cloud through connected services on almost any device. This allows for anywhere, anytime access for their employees and customers.

Want to discuss your mobile strategy for 2014 or challenges you have with remote employees? Contact us for more information.

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