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Fuel Your Organization’s Operational Efficiency and Productivity with Sage 300


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One of the more daunting challenges faced by small to mid-sized businesses across the fuel delivery industry is to efficiently manage costs and exceed the high expectations of customers, all while trying to keep your field staff and office staff connected with outdated software. You may find yourself resorting to numerous manual processes that include an overwhelming amount of paper work, which can be inefficient, costly and error prone.

If you’re still using paper tickets for your fuel delivery system, you’re at risk of delivery disruptions, lack of customer data and the inundation of paper work that could have the potential to impact customer satisfaction and hurt your bottom line. Moving your operations towards an integrated fuel delivery automation with Sage 300 provides your field staff with a mobile solution to eliminate paper delivery processes and automates data collection and dynamic dispatching for on time deliveries. Still not certain delivery automation is the right tool for your operations?

Let’s take a look at what other benefits an integrated delivery solution can bring to your growing fuel delivery company:

Improved Data Accuracy

Instead of collecting a stack of invoices only to re-enter them into your accounting solution at the end of the day, the integrated solution automatically sends billable items to accounts receivable – completely eliminating the need for paper tickets and manual data entry.

Enhanced Customer Service

Provide your customers with significantly more data than you’re able to now. With the integrated solution you can provide customers with even greater customer service with a 360 degree view of their history. See real-time order history, open and closed service tickets and all email and phone communications, all from any device.

Seamless Integration

By implementing a mobile workforce automation solution, you’re allowing your delivery and service team to create invoices or take payment while in the field and automatically sync with your accounting software. The automated system ensures accurate data available to your field staff and your office staff.

How can an integrated software solution like Sage 300 really increase operational efficiency? A proven, stable ERP solution that is fully integrated will seamlessly automate relevant business processes across teams so your employees can be more effective. If you rely on your employees to help drive the company’s revenue, why not provide them with the tools that help make them more productive?

Sage 300 – along with Fuel Delivery Automation from ADS – delivers an exceptional service that is fueled by easy access to information you need, when you need it. To start simplifying your fuel delivery process, read more about the ADS fuel delivery automation and get started today.


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