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How Can Your Employees Increase Sales and Stay Connected? Mobile CRM!


For a growth focused business in today’s saturated market, staying connected with your well-informed customers is more important than ever. Your customers expect your field staff to be accessible and connected, providing them with accurate customer and product data, where and when they need it.

Here are five top reasons why many successful businesses are implementing mobile devices into their CRM strategy:

1. It encourages better collaboration between departments

Improve the collaboration across your company by organizing and consolidating your customer information into a single solution. With a flow of data between employees across the company, whenever, whenever they need it, you and your employees gain better business insight for better decision making.

2. Maximize employee productivity and increases sales and service effectiveness

Providing your employees with access to the right information where and when they need it will help to reduce the need to return to the office for administrative tasks – giving them more time with important customers. With mobile CRM your Sales team gains immediate access to the most relevant data providing them, and you with the current status of the sales pipeline at any given moment – allowing them to manage opportunities while on the go.

3. Empower Sales Reps beyond the walls of your office

Regardless of where new opportunities arise, your sales team needs to have real-time access to accurate customer data to close new deals and service existing customers. Investing in mobile CRM can provide your team with the ability to work, no matter where they are in the world.

4. Mobile CRM keeps customer talking

Social CRM takes the valuable customer insight and conversations you may be gathering on social media and customer communities. With a mobile CRM solution, your employees can interact with social media users in real-time and enable your company’s social CRM strategy.

5. It enhances the customer experience

Mobility plays a big role in helping salespeople enhance the customer selling experience. Enable your employees with access to customer information to quickly identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, locate pricing and availability of products and assist customers with order and shipment status.

Do your employees have the tools they need to remain effective and sell more while on the road? If you believe your employees and customers could benefit from a mobile CRM strategy, please contact an ADS consultant today. If you would like to learn more about driving your business productivity with CRM, view this recent Sage CRM video.



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