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Sage City: Your Community Has Been Upgraded




There’s been some construction going on in Sage City recently, and the new look is ready to be unveiled!

Since launching Sage City in 2013, Sage has upgraded the platform Sage City resides on to give it a more contemporary design experience, as well as many improvements and enhancements you’ve asked for, including:

  • Better mobile experience: The new Sage City design appears nicely on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, making content and forums easier to navigate and interact with as you take Sage City on the go.
  • Enhanced search capabilities: Searching in Sage City just got easier. During a search, you’ll notice “predictive” results funnel in as you type—you also have the ability to filter on group content from within the search field.
  • Simpler user interface: Sage has cleaned up the screens to offer more visualizations (rather than lots of text) and tried to keep things a bit more minimal—so you can navigate easier.
  • Simplified business communities: Sage has consolidated their business groups into a single area with forums representing various areas of a company—so you can now have conversations in one centralized area.
  • More organized settings: It’s easier and more streamlined to update your Sage City settings and set group email digests, as well as notification choices, in the “Settings” area.

Sage City will continue to grow over the next few months so be sure to check back regularly. There are plans to roll out additional features in the near future, such as an event calendar, the ability to vote on ideas, and a complete badging/reputation program to reward you for your contributions!

If you’re new to Sage City and need help getting started, Town Hall is a great place to check out first. If you have any question on Sage City feel free to reach out to us for guidance.

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