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Everything You Need to Know About Sage ERP: Common Sage ERP Questions Answered


As a small to midsized business owner, the research and selection process for an ERP solution can leave you with a long list of questions that you just can’t seem to find the answers to. To help you answer some of these questions, Atlantic DataSystems has put together a Frequently Asked Questions guide; answering some of the most commonly asked Sage ERP and CRM related questions.

Here are a few of the most common general knowledge Sage ERP questions asked by small to midsized business owners:

What is Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage ERP Accpac)?

Sage 300 ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning software solution specifically designed for Small to Midsized businesses (SMBs). With more than 6 million customers across the globe, Sage is regarded as a clear market leader for SMBs. It connects growing businesses with a single, integrated solution that can streamline accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, customer relationship management and manufacturing processes. It supports operations across multiple sites, in multiple languages – providing you with real-time control over all your activities so you can make better decisions in all areas of your business.

What is the key difference between ERP and accounting software?

Accounting software packages only handle the individual business function of accounting, whereas an ERP application handles the entire range of business functions of an organization. ERP applications, like Sage ERP, fully integrate all major functional areas of business including: Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, and more. This eliminates the need to support your business with a multitude of manual processes and non‑integrated business applications. While these solutions helped your business get up and running, a well-planned move to an ERP software solution will deploy your resources more effectively and allow your employees to focus on the strategic initiatives to reach your growth goals.

At what stage of a business’s growth will Sage 300 ERP be best suited for?

As your business continues to grow you will have more customers, more employees, more data, and more automation requirements. In short, if your business plans on being involved in any of the following activities in the near future, you should review your business processes and plan your accounting software needs:

  1. Growing Customer Base: When you have a small business, invoicing and tracking customers can be easy to monitor. With success comes a growing surge of customers. Depending on the rate of customer growth, consider upgrading your accounting software to better manage your customers.
  2. Deciding to Expand: Whether you want to increase the number of locations or projects, the decision to expand your operations brings on new levels of complexity. To ensure your expansion goes smoothly, plan beforehand to upgrade your accounting systems to meet the need of rising complexity.
  3. More Employees: A one person or small staff operations will often need only basic accounting software. As your employee base grows, staff members will need greater access and sharing of key data across the network. The increase in staff may facilitate the need for an upgrade.

To get all of your Sage ERP related questions answered now, Download ADS’ Frequently Asked Questions guide or Contact Us.



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