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Wholesale Distributors: Can ERP Be The Quickest Route To Business Success?


The wholesale distribution industry is changing significantly, and if a distributor wants to remain competitive, it has to change with it. Whether selling merchandise in large volumes to other businesses or single items to the end consumer, the supply chain must be properly managed. To achieve objectives like reducing costs, making it easier to do business with customers, delivering more value, managing growth expectations, or improving access to information requires great insight and real-time access into your supply chain. While these objectives come intuitively to business decision makers, the necessity to drive cost-effective business is often met with several roadblocks.

With a centralized location for information across departments, as well as analysis tools, implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution makes it possible for distributors to improve customer service, and reduce overall efficiency to stay competitive. For some wholesale distributors, ERP has long represented a change in thought or an abrupt stop sign to how things have always operated successfully. If it isn’t broken why fix it? Things have changed; today’s ERP solutions offer a unification of business process to bridge the information gap across all functional areas of a business. This makes it easier to not only support specific industry process but also share information across your organization and supply chain. Casting a broad net on functionality, today’s ERP applications support core, as well as industry specific functionality required to meet the needs of a broad cross section of industry verticals that operate in the wholesale distribution sector.

That is why we have published Become a Best in Class Wholesale Distributor: The ERP Roadmap for Success. This in-depth whitepaper outlines a three (3) step process to become a best-in-class wholesale distributor and provides readers with real examples of the benefits of adopting an ERP solution in the wholesale distribution industry.

The whitepaper covers the following sections in more detail:

  • Selecting an ERP solution that is easily scalable
  • Enabling mobile access to business information
  • Empowering your employees with the tools they need

Whether your business needs a business management solution to better support your business growth or if you would like to learn more about the benefits of ERP, this guide will give you a great head start on your business’ ERP road to success. Download the free whitepaper now and become a best in class wholesale distributor.

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