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So You’ve Outgrown Your Small Business Accounting Software. Now What?


One of the biggest challenges for a growing company is moving from their small business accounting software to a more robust platform that will support their continued growth. Your small business software provided you with basic bookkeeping capabilities that you needed to get your company started. As you have grown, things have changed – you have more customers, more employees, more data, and more automation requirements. In short, your small business isn’t so small anymore, and your current software isn’t cutting it.

In working with growing businesses across Canada, some of the most common indicators we’ve seen that your business is ready for a software upgrade include:

  • Growing Customer Base: When you have a small business, invoicing and tracking customers can be easy to monitor. With success comes a growing surge of customers. Depending on the rate of customer growth, consider upgrading your accounting software to better manage your customers.
  • Deciding to Expand: Whether you want to increase the number of locations or projects, the decision to expand your operations brings on new levels of complexity. To ensure your expansion goes smoothly, plan beforehand to upgrade your accounting systems to meet the need of rising complexity
  • More Employees: As your employee base grows, staff members will need greater access and sharing of key data across the network. The increase in staff may facilitate the need for an upgrade.

Implementing a new system can affect many departments across your organization. It is important to research, plan and analyze what you need out of a business solution to determine which one best fits your requirements and needs. That being said, many growing companies do not have the resources or expertise to devote to analyzing, purchasing, installing, and maintaining a system. Working with the right implementation partner is critical for success. Most software purchases require you to purchase through a VAR network. Implementation partners have been through the purchasing and implementation process many times, and you can benefit from their expertise. The certified consultants will be virtual members of your company, understanding your unique business requirements. The more they understand about your business, the more they can help you work towards your business goals and customize your solution to help get the most out of your investment. A long term partner, it is important to choose a business partner who also aligns with your company’s philosophy and culture.

So, what are your next steps? If you’re ready to upgrade your accounting software and gain complete control over your business, please read this complimentary white paper “Growing Pains – What to Do When You’ve Outgrown Small Business Accounting Software”.

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