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ADS Beacon Awards: Broad Strokes of Innovation

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“In Atlantic Canada, innovation is ingrained in the very essence of who we are. Throughout our history, it has meant being creative to turn problems into solutions. Today, it means constantly implementing new ideas to stay relevant in a time of unprecedented change.” - Derek Sullivan, VP

Atlantic DataSystems is excited to announce The Paint Shop — a  Sage client of ADS for more than 10 years — as the recipient of the Beacon Award for Innovation. The Paint Shop uses creative Sage software solutions to automate many office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. By implementing this technology, they have been able to automate processes, eliminate paper, reduce admin burden, and grow sales, all to help their team and customers thrive.

This recipient demonstrates the utmost knowledge of the changing dynamics in their industry, and has not only adapted to these changes but has used them to their advantage.

“I’ve been a customer of the Paint Shop for years now. When our house was basically destroyed due to a flood, I arrived at the Paint Shop not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know how ahead of the game they were – how many different categories of services they offered, and how efficient they were in the transactional and product-related aspects, which is what impressed me most. It’s nice to see a local business grow so much but still commit to being the best.”

- Sarah H, St. John’s, Topsail Road, Paint Shop customer

Innovation at Home

Since 1975, The Paint Shop has proven itself a leader in innovative products, partnerships, and technologies time and time again. In 2016, they expanded outside of Newfoundland to open stores in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, followed by the addition of three more Halifax locations in 2017, bringing the grand total of Paint Shop locations to 34 throughout Atlantic Canada.

Innovation must start at home with the people it impacts most: your team. The Paint Shop is dedicated to their staff, and they work tirelessly to ensure all technology solutions positively impact their loyal team.

Dedicated Paint Shop Technicians mixing premium Benjamin Moore colours

Impactful ideas come from the inside out at The Paint Shop — and that has to do with the amazing people and partners they work with. They recruited Rob Simms as their vice-president of sales and marketing in order to design The Expansion Kit: the tools franchisees need to facilitate modern infrastructure improvements for seamless growth and the addition of new locations. Along with this, Rob and his team added a managed point-of-sale database, market-specific flyer kits, and little touches like 50-inch television screens in all stores to promote products and sales. The Paint Shop now maintains a modern, upgraded look and feel.

“At the core of Paint Shop’s growth is a real push for innovation, whether that’s in the design of the products we carry, or in the scalable infrastructure we’ve implemented throughout our network. Even our paint uses an innovative Gennex technology that keeps the colour rich without adding volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in other paint products. That’s the world we’re growing – one where you can create your ideal space with products that fit your lifestyle and align with your values.

Behind the scenes, everything from our point of sale (POS) and operations strategy, to our merchandising and marketing plan is constantly evolving. We often talk about ‘the kit’, which is a progressive approach that utilizes best practices, pioneering ideas and technology. Every day, a new concept lends itself to the bigger picture, which helps strengthen our commitment to progress, leadership, and relevancy.” 

- Bob Payne, President, The Paint Shop

Trade show displays showcasing many of The Paint Shop’s innovative products

The Paint Shop has managed to surpass other retail and décor competitors, growing organically. Even though they have expanded extensively over the past few years, they still operate like a small, family-run business, and their customers and staff really feel that too.

“Behind the scenes, everything The Paint Shop does — from their point of sale (POS) and operations strategy to their merchandising — is leading them to be better. We are in constant awe of their evolution as a business. We appreciate the great relationship we have with The Paint Shop and look forward to seeing their next innovations.”

- Terri Reid, Sales Consultant, ADS

Continued Success

The Paint Shop is more than a client — they are our valued partner who continues to wow and amaze us as they upgrade their technologies used to operate their business, as well as redefine the way they promote, market, and advertise their products.

Visit their website or Facebook page for more information on products and services, locations, and all the innovative ways The Paint Shop can help serve you.

Congratulations to the Paint Shop owners and staff, from all us here, at Atlantic DataSystems.

Are you a growing business who’s looking to innovate how you operate? Reach out to us.

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