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ADS Beacon Awards: Building New Foundations

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“To us, the Newcomer award signifies a commitment to embracing the promise of technology for business. We love that our clients are enthusiastic and committed to forging new paths and ensuring their long-term success. We are excited by providing them the right tools and strategies to support their exciting growth. Our recipient of the ADS Beacon Award in the Newcomer category is a great example of this embrace of technology.”

- Derek Sullivan, VP, Atlantic DataSystems

One of Atlantic DataSystems’ newest customers, Avondale Construction creates building solutions for commercial, private, and industrial clients alike. These are experts who value client relationships and get the job done right — from blueprint to execution — no matter the circumstances. The quality of their work puts them ahead of their competitors, and their recent engagement in our IT services demonstrates their belief in the promise of technology, and a better business in Atlantic Canada. For that, Avondale Construction is the recipient of Atlantic DataSystems’ Newcomer Beacon Award.


Thinking outside of the (tool) box

When people think of construction companies, they often think of the traditional aspects: cement being poured, steel being erected, and trucks moving equipment. Avondale Construction has made the industry so much more than that. They deliver exceptional products on-time and beyond expectations. For Avondale Construction, the construction industry is about using resources strategically to create products that will withstand the test of time.

“We are very pleased to be the recipient of the Newcomer Beacon Award. To be recognized for our use of technology in our business really means a lot. It supports our work, which is about raising the bar and going above and beyond to make new and renovated spaces work best for the people and communities they serve.” — [Derrick Andres], [CFO], Avondale Construction.


The promise of craftsmanship

Focusing on their core business has allowed Avondale Construction to create high quality products and deliver exceptional customer service. Their commitment to their craft is well-demonstrated in such projects as the Canadian Rivers Institute, Champlain Plaza and the recent construction of the new McInnes Cooper office in Halifax’ Purdy’s Tower II. These examples of world class construction projects are just some of the reasons that ADS was so proud to create a partnership with Avondale Construction in 2017.We look forward to supporting them with similar projects in the future.

“It’s truly phenomenal to see Avondale Construction create outstanding products on tight deadlines and with such precise planning. We are extremely proud to see Avondale Construction contribute so extensively to the prosperity of Atlantic Canada.” - [Calvin Pollard], [Sales Consultant], Atlantic DataSystems.


Creating lasting infrastructure

Succeeding in your business is not unlike constructing a building. Both require working from the bottom up — whether that’s laying concrete foundation or implementing IT technologies — to create a structure that’s built to last and succeed. Avondale Construction does both.

To learn more about Avondale Construction and their contributions to Atlantic Canada, check out their extensive regional portfolio or reach out today.

Once again, the ADS team congratulates Avondale Construction on owning their newcomer distinction, and we thank them for their continued partnership.


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