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ADS Beacon Awards: Planting Resilience in Rural Newfoundland

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The recipient of ADS Beacon Award in Resilience is Quinlan Brothers

“At Atlantic DataSystems, resilience means rising to the occasion and overcoming any moment of difficulty. It means showing adaptability in the ever-changing world. In these moments, our clients have risen above and beyond the highest expectations to maintain operations and protect their employees, customers, and stakeholders. The candidates for this award have truly wowed us, but the recipient we have chosen has clearly demonstrated perseverance in the way they conduct and maintain their business. It’s their strong ability to plan and strategize for the greater good of a community, as well as their business, that has ensured their success for the future.” - Derek Sullivan, VP, ADS

ADS is proud to announce one of our IT clients, Quinlan Brothers Ltd., as the recipient of our ADS Beacon Award for Resilience. Quinlan Brothers Ltd. was founded in 1954 and operates fish processing plants in eastern Newfoundland – with multi-species facilities in Bay de Verde and Old Perlican. From snow crab and cold water shrimp, to groundfish and more, eighty percent of Quinlan Brothers fleet land their catch right at the wharf.

Quinlan Brothers Ltd.’s first commitment is to their customers, ensuring they receive the highest quality products. They are also dedicated to the timely delivery of these products to regions all over the world, including North America, Europe, and Asia. Quinlan Brothers Ltd.’s promise of quality, their fleet of company-owned vessels, their strong relationships, and their focus on innovation, have all contributed to their worldwide success.

After unavoidable setbacks in 2016, when their Bay de Verde plant was destroyed in a fire, Quinlan Brothers Ltd. showed incredible mettle by dedicating themselves to working toward a prosperous future.

The fire at Quinlan Brothers Ltd.’s Bay de Verde Processing Plant, April 2016



Fight Fire with Adaptability and Community Spirit

Quinlan Brothers Ltd. demonstrated not only to us — but also to their employees and the entire community — just what it means to be resilient in the face of this tragedy. Seven hundred workers lost their jobs and did not know what the future held for them. Faced with this devastating situation, company executives demonstrated pure resilience by considering the welfare of their employees and community by committing to a full rebuild of the plant. They began working round-the-clock to establish arrangements with other producers to add capacity, increase shifts, and to do whatever it would take to ensure the seafood was processed in a timely and high-quality manner.


Rebuilding: Bigger and Better

ADS was able to do our part to help the rebuilding effort by installing and upgrading the plant’s IT services, allowing for better communication, faster production, and overall better business operations. By using our services such as IT support and infrastructure, Quinlan Brothers Ltd. was able to increase productivity of the newly rebuilt plant, thus boosting overall efficiency and bolstering the economy. We were more than happy to serve such a loyal customer that truly believes in the community that they call home.  

“This is not just our business — this is our home, our family, and our community. We are proud of our employees, fisher-people, and the people of our communities. It was this sense of pride in the people that motivated us and proved our resilience to rebuild —bigger and better.” Andrea Quinlan, Secretary/Treasurer, Quinlan Brothers Ltd.

Quinlan Brothers Ltd.’s Bay de Verde plant under construction after the 2016 fire.

The entire plant rebuild was completed less than a year later and created approximately 100 jobs in construction-related fields in the Bay de Verde area. The new state-of-the-art facility reopened for business in spring 2017, strengthening the sense of community once again.

Quinlan Brothers Ltd.’s Bay de Verde plant is the largest snow crab processing facility worldwide and features a separate state-of-the-art Pilot Production Facility for the conceptual testing and introduction of new crab processing technologies

Committed to Community

Quinlan Brothers Ltd. is unlike any other— their dedication to their community, employees, and customers, and their willingness to adopt cutting-edge business solutions truly sets them apart from their competitors. It is their commitment to community and to the people who process and buy their products, and their willingness to embrace and invest in business solutions to support operations that really sets them apart in their industry.

An industry leader, Quinlan Brothers Ltd. is one of the largest fish processors in Newfoundland, and is committed to the communities that they operate in. Quinlan Brothers Ltd. is creating and maintaining fishery jobs in outport communities and driving the economy of towns like Bay de Verde up and up.

“Quinlan Brothers Ltd. is a perfect example of the partnerships that make ADS proud to do what we do every day. They are a family-run, lead-by-example company that demonstrates their commitment to their employees and community through their actions. They are the forerunners in their industry and are the definition of perseverance, adaptability, and resilience.” - Terri Reid, ADS management

Contact Quinlan Brothers Ltd. to learn more about their commitment to their community, team, and customers.

From all of us here at ADS, we want to congratulate Quinlan Brothers Ltd. on their excellent display of resilience in their field, and we thank them for their continued partnership.

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