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Ten Things to Consider When Assessing the Effectiveness of Inventory Control

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A distribution business’ most valuable asset is its inventory. That means there is no room for error when it comes to choosing technology to support your operations. You can’t afford mistakes that can arise from juggling multiple spreadsheets or using small business accounting software that doesn’t have the flexibility to grow with you. Today’s wholesale distributors need robust technology to streamline and optimize warehouse operations.

Is the location of your inventory in the supply chain sometimes a mystery? Or maybe you find yourself with too much or too little inventory. Perhaps your current tracking methods are lacking in accuracy or efficiency, or your warehouse could be better organized. Believe it or not, the right technology can help your distribution business overcome these common challenges and more.

If any of these issues sound familiar, it’s time to assess your inventory management practices. Atlantic DataSystems (ADS) has compiled a list of ten questions for you to consider, based on our successful partnership with several wholesale distributors. We invite you to consider the following:

  1. How often do you count inventory to maintain accuracy in your warehouse?
  2. Do you bring your warehouse operations to a halt or ask your employees to work over the weekend to conduct an inventory count?
  3. Do you record inspection adjustments and is the data fully integrated across all of your management systems?
  4. Is your current software able to easily share data across different departments within your business?
  5. Is your inventory stock able to meet the demands of orders made throughout all of your business lines?
  6. Can you access accurate data whenever you want to, from wherever you want to?
  7. Do you have any automated control over the rotation of inventory with your current software?
  8. How often are marketing, sample, trade show, or employee purchases adjusted in the system?
  9. Are you able to control what inventory comes in, the date it comes in, and from what invoice of lot number?
  10. Does your current software produce accurate reports on your inventory stock and past demands to help you make sound business decisions for future purchasing and ordering?

Atlantic DataSystems Can Help.

ADS understands you have enough on your plate without having to worry about your inventory. The supply chain network is becoming more challenging with today’s consumer demanding more choices, faster fulfillment and lower prices. You’re also expected to adhere to strict regulations and complex vendor and e-commerce requirements. It’s hard enough trying to make a decent profit while satisfying everyone’s needs. The right technology – and the right partner – can help you maintain a competitive edge while focusing on the growth of your business.

ADS partners with small to mid-sized businesses throughout Atlantic Canada and Ontario so they can fully realize the promise of technology with the right software, services and support. Contact us to talk about your challenges and see if we can help.

After completing this quick assessment, you may discover it’s time to make the switch to more powerful software that will grow with you. We are ready to work with you and your team to ensure a solution sized to fit your needs and budget. Let’s chat. Contact us here.

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